Personal Safety Tips for Women

The subject of Women’s Security has been on fire these days. It has always been a concern for many people and communities around the world. It becomes apparent when we look at those various incidents taking place around the world, wherein the identity of woman has been misunderstood by a few individuals in the society and an attempt to harm a woman’s social status has been made.

We are sharing some Basic Safety Tips for Women:-
  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings - Typically known as “situational awareness”, make it a habit to know what’s going on around you. Being proactive to keep yourself safe is your best self-defense move.
  2. Get Off Your Phone - Keep your phone handy to call for help, but don’t be so tied to it that you can’t be aware of what’s going on around you the moments you need to be the most aware. 
  3. Speak Up - Do not be afraid to speak to someone to ask them to not come closer if approaching you. Do not be afraid to yell for help if they don’t stop. Do not be afraid to let your wishes be known that you do not want to be harmed.
  4. Trust Your Instincts - If you feel something weird about a situation, get out of it. If you have a sense of dread about walking into a dark area, don’t – find some light.
  5. Park Safely - While parking, choose spots that are well-lit, amongst other cars, and as close to the main entrances of a building as you can.

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