Safety & Security Concerns in Hospitality Industry

Providing an accommodating atmosphere that doesn’t compromise safety is the biggest challenge that hotels face. Achieving these goals requires a multifaceted plan that starts with staff training and guest education about safety and security issues. Everyone is concerning about their safety and security when they are staying in the hotel during vacation.

The Hotel management has separated the hotel safety into two broad categories which are safety and security. The management categorized safety as in the services provided, also included the construction of the hotel interior designed whereby making sure they are safe built for the employees to work in and in-house guests. Security in hotel related to threats that set by people than setting by the physical surroundings, which means it depends on the person who set the security danger that cannot be predict. Internal Security is against theft, Fire safety, Proper lighting, Safeguarding assets and Track unwanted guests. External Security includes Proper lighting outside the building, proper fencing of the building, fencing of pool area to avoid accidents in the night, Manning of service gates to restrict entry and fixing of closed circuit TV cameras. Security Professionals play an important role in ensuring safety and security of hotels related physical assets, their staff and guests.

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