Security within Banking Sector

Banks face a difficult challenge in the area of security management. With a growing population of internal and external users accessing an increasing number of applications, the need has grown exponentially for banks to develop a new generation of security tools that can help them better comply with regulations, control access to confidential data and limit identity theft. The public wants to be secure when doing business with banks, and their physical security is critical. They also want the assurance that banks have the structures to secure their assets and protect them from misuse erosion or theft and fraud.

Criminals seek out opportunities to commit crimes at facilities that are the easiest targets. The presence of an armed security guard greatly reduces the chances of a robbery ever occurring. Physical Security in Banks ensures that:
  • Staff Members, Cash and properties are protected from crimes perpetrated by external miscreants. 
  • Physical Security Risks are properly identified, assessed, recorded and managed.
  • Safeguards to reduce risks are implemented at an acceptable cost.
  • All legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and standards are met.

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