Voting Station Security

Security considerations are important in both the selection of appropriate voting locations and the layout within voting stations. Effective implementation of security measures at voting stations aids in ensuring the openness, freedom, and integrity of voting. 

Aims of Voting Station Security:-

  • The safety of voters at the voting station;
  • Security of all election materials, and particularly ballot material, while it is at the voting station;
  • Preventing intimidation of voters and voting station officials within and around voting stations;
  • The safety of voting station officials, observers, party or candidate workers, and official visitors at the voting station;
  • Ensuring that voting is conducted in a lawful manner;
  • Ensuring that only authorised persons enter the voting station and any surrounding restricted area;
  • Prevention of, or at least providing an effective response to, any disturbances in or near a voting station, or attempts to disrupt voting.

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