Mall Security

The primary purpose of mall security officers is to ensure the safety and security of mall patrons and employees and protect mall property from theft or damage. They work closely with local law enforcement to ensure that everyone who shops and works at the mall is safe from harm, that the assets of the mall and its tenants are protected and that no criminal activity takes place at the site.

Static mall security positions are primarily surveillance positions that require the officer to monitor the property from one location, usually by watching video feeds from security cameras. Static officers then communicate their findings to mobile officers, who investigate and address the situation. Mobile mall security officers physically patrol the property, remaining alert for suspicious activity or problems. They are generally in regular communication with the static officers, and often respond to reports from the static location. They move around the facility, either on foot or in motorized vehicles, ensuring that patrons are following the mall's rules and standards and that there is no safety hazards. Most malls have a team of security officers that monitor the exterior of the mall, addressing incidents in the parking lot and surrounding area. The security officers patrol the parking lots to deter crime and provide assistance to customers when necessary.

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