Personal Security is a Personal Responsibility

Personal safety and security is the responsibility of each individual and family member. Every day we read or hear of lapses in security and tragic criminal acts in schools, the workplace, on the street, or in homes. Whether you are a college student, school administrator, parent, home owner or business owner, you are responsible for your own security and that of your family, or those who work for you or come to the place you manage. The greatest threat to anyone’s security and becoming a victim of a crime is the mentality of “It can’t happen here” or “It can’t happen to me or my family”.

In homes, lock your doors and windows. This is not just at night when you go to sleep, but also during the day, when you are home alone, and when you are away. If you have an alarm, make sure it is on. Always be aware of your surroundings, do not travel in areas you do not know, do not walk around intoxicated, and when in doubt call the police or security personnel as soon as you feel a threat. Business owners and senior management have direct responsibility for the safety and security of their employees and any customers, visitors, or anyone else you invite onto your property.

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