Seaports Security

Seaports are faced with the challenge of providing a safe environment for port operators and the local community and at the same time should ensure the effective and efficient movement of products and goods related to international trade. Seaports are high-profile facilities that are vulnerable to many illegal activities such as theft, smuggling and terrorism. The potential to ship explosives, weapons, chemical material and dirty bombs into unsuspecting harbors has become a major threat to the global community. Ports also face an added level of threat with the continued rise of criminal activity.

The government of India has conducted security audits of seaports to ensure their foolproof security and foil possible attempts by terrorists to use them as launch pads to carry terrorists attack. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) were developed for dealing with the breach of International Maritime Boundary Line and SOPs were issued for upgrading security. Security Measures that include asset and cargo protection, video surveillance, trained security personnel’s and access control not only act to secure the port but also to deter potential criminals.

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