Tips on Subway Safety

  • Most subway accidents result from slips, trips, and falls on stairways when someone is in a rush. Don't rush. If you stand near the center of the subway platform, you will still be able to board the subway car without rushing.
  • Keep pocketbooks and book-bags secure at all time. Do not flash money or jewelry in public places.
  • If you drop something onto the tracks, do not try to retrieve it. Notify station or train personnel or a police officer. You can also use the intercom for customer assistance.
  • Remove your backpack when entering a crowded train or elevator, always make sure that all flaps are secure. Never run or walk on escalators; always hold the handrail and face forward.
  • Be suspicious of anyone approaching you and trying to distract you.
  • When waiting for a train late at night stand by the token booth or in the area designed as off-hours waiting area.
  • Use the emergency cord to prevent an accident or injury. If you find yourself a victim of a crime, remain calm, try and get a good description of the person committing the crime and call the police immediately.

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