Security Officer Post Orders

The primary function of security is the deterrence of criminal acts against the property, tenants and visitors to the property, and vehicles while on property. Post orders are the instructions, provided to serve as a guide to security officers. These General Orders apply to uniformed security personnel; regardless of rank, position, shift, post or work assignment. These instructions direct all security functions on the property, and any questions related to the post orders should be referred to supervisor. General instructions include in post orders are:-
  1. Inspect all post equipment to ensure it is operational;
  2. Inspect the post for damage to equipment and property;
  3. Ask the officer you are relieving if there is any important information to pass on;
  4. Upon completing post checks and assuming duties, report in with your immediate supervisor;
  5. Ensure all necessary post paperwork and forms are available.
Development of post orders is just the first step in ensuring high-quality security guard service. But having great post orders means nothing if your officers don’t know and understand them.  To get your officers that understanding, a proper site orientation given by a capable supervisor is essential.


Qualities of a Good Housekeeper

Every good housekeeper should have following qualities:-
  • Honesty - The sign of a quality housekeeper is the sign of honesty; their ability to admit the mistake when it has happened and then ensure it never happens again. A good housekeeper will explain the situation and ensure it never happens again.
  • Understanding their tools - It’s not just about using the tools, a professional housekeeper has the ability to understand, maintain and upkeep their equipment.
  • Attention to detail - A quality housekeeper pays attention to even the slightest details. A quality housekeeper will asses a room the second they enter and ensure everything is in it’s right place when they are finished cleaning.
  • Flexible - Life is never as planned. The best housekeeper is one who will make every effort to help you in every situation.
  • Taking direction - A good housekeeper will have the ability to listen, understand, and implement instructions. The ability to take direction and take initiative to interpret each situation is a clear sign of a quality housekeeper. 


Security at Railway Stations

The security and safety risks at a train station can include vandalism and graffiti, theft, drug dealing, fire, and acts of terrorism. Managing them is a challenging task, since many different areas need to be monitored: tracks, underground passageways, bicycle and car parking areas, buildings, luggage storage facilities, and parked railway cars and engines. To provide a safe and secure travel experience to passengers, Indian Railways is pitching for the procurement of CCTV cameras to ensure state-of-the-art surveillance systems in all trains and stations across the country.

As per the plan, while each coach will have eight CCTV cameras covering the entry gates, aisle and vestibules, all crucial points at stations will have the systems. Given the increased number of derailments last year, the Rail Budget this time is slated to give top priority to safety and prevention of accidents. “All mail/express and premier trains, including Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and local passenger services, will be equipped with the modern surveillance systems in the next two years,” said a senior Railway Ministry official.


Security on Republic Day

Republic Day is just one day far and the security arrangements have been increased too much high level in the National Capital of India, Delhi and other cities. Threat chances are high that’s why the security system is high. Indian police has made massive security arrangements in Delhi for the republic day parade. The area around Central Delhi was turned into virtual fortress in view of intelligence inputs that terror groups may target some important installations in the city. The entire region of Central and New Delhi had nearly 50,000 security personnel drawn from Delhi Police and central security forces guarding every nook and corner.

India military will remain positioned at the Rajpath. The VVIPs will be enclosed under a multi-layer security ring. Rooftops along the route of parade has been sanitized for the security. Gunners have been given clear instructions to bring down any aerial object flying without permission. 


Common Businesses Security Mistakes

  • Not Identifying Security Needs: - Failing to assess and identify your business’ unique security needs poses security risk. To avoid this, it’s important that you get an assessment and customized security plan that fits your exact needs, from someone who knows your industry’s security challenges well.
  • Not Contracting the Right Security Company: - This is the most common mistake businesses make when it comes to security. And that is, picking the wrong security company. Always perform a background checks to know how long the company has been in security business and what their experiences are before hiring them.
  • Not Controlling All Access Points: - Failing to secure all entrances including emergency exits poses a huge security risk. The risk, unauthorized individuals will gain access to authorized areas. Ensure that all access point are secured, controlled and fitted with the best security systems with a fewer active entrance.
  • Not Maintaining Security Systems: - Be sure to check your security systems periodically to make sure it’s in working order. Neglecting to provide extra security to sensitive areas puts your business data and confidential information at risk. To avoid this, endeavour to secure these sensitive areas by installing biometrics access systems together with security video systems for the deterrent of theft.


Robot Security Guards

We are living in an age where technology is advancing at an incredible rate. One person can dream up a concept one day and then make it a reality the next. Companies are discovering opportunities in using their creativity and knowledge of technology to offer assistance and protection in the security industry. A Security Guard’s primary job is to deter crime. Security Guard robots could be used to help keep Security Guards safe using surveillance and patrolling areas without risk.

Reliable protection for most sites implies that a security officer is conducting foot patrol rounds in secured premises. Robot Security Guards can continuously patrol without needing breaks and can help a Security Guard cover more ground. The benefits of using security patrol robots become readily apparent when robotic security is combined with human security. The robots are able to carry out routine tasks and compensate for any shortage of professional staff. Roboticized security is especially effective at large sites.

Human Security Guard’s, however, can still outperform any Security Guard robot at the moment. Security Guard robots cannot completely replace a human. The robot has many physical and emotional limitations.



Six major benefits can be achieved by motivating a guard force to perform well:

1. Improved levels of security
2. Greater understanding of expectations by guard force staff
3. Improved Key Performance Indicator metrics
4. Better retention of guard force staff and reduced absenteeism
5. Greater compliance with SOPs
6. Enhanced company reputation.

Motivation plays a critical role in achieving the goals and business objectives of any organization. The security guard’s work-related goals and values should be closely aligned with the vision and objectives of the company. When a high level of motivation is achieved it can lead to higher productivity, improved work quality and improved performance.


Security Guard Management Software

Security guard software aims to help companies monitor their guard tours without getting distracted from their initial purpose: ensure high security level of their staff and guaranteed protection of buildings and assets. Features of security guard management software:-
  • Real-time - It is an innovative guard tour software that execute procedures in real-time so as to relieve the managing staff from time consumable processes such as repeating phone calls, filling paper or online forms, controlling patrols via messages or visits to the specific areas.
  • Cloud system - Cloud guard tour systems offer flexibility and effectiveness, globalizing data and information and minimizing infrastructure and delivery costs. Cloud guard security guard management software should be a prerequisite for a business offering security guard services.
  • User Management - Guard tour software oriented to fully automate guard tour management inform the final clients about specific events with regard to their own assets and set administration roles and multi branching user management in order to acquire different levels of access to the system.
  • Advanced Reporting - Security guard management software lets the managing staff to organize guard tours and patrols efficiently, by searching, indexing, saving and exporting data adding advanced search filters to facilitate its work. It allows the creation, editing and implementation of the actions via simple commands in a well-structured web interface.


Tips to Keep Parking Lot Safe and Secure

  1. Put up a Solid Fence with a Gate - Not having a fence with a solid gate around your car lot makes it accessible to any car theft. A fence and a gate are physical access control security measures.
  2. Always Keep Light On at Night - keeping lights on always at night is a sure way to keep it safe and secured because having a car lot without keeping it well light at night is a great opportunity for someone who wants to vandalize or steal a vehicle.
  3. Invest in security - Installing video cameras and surveillance will limit the possibility of violent attacks. Installing high quality CCTV is a sure way to keep your parking lot out of danger.  It will help you or the police if something wrong happen.
  4. Hire a Professional Security Guard - Hiring a professional security guard to watch over your parking lot and monitor it as well as notify the authorities for any suspicious activity can help keep it safe and secured.
  5. Always Keep Vehicles Away from Every Access Points - Vehicles closest to the entrances/exits of parking lot are always the first to be stolen or vandalized. So try to keep your vehicles away from every access points.


Corporate Event Security

Security is important for any event, but it can be especially critical for corporate events. At a meeting, a retreat, or another corporate event, many high-level company executives may be present, and trade secrets might be discussed. Without corporate event security, company confidential and proprietary information might be at risk. Corporate event security is an integral part of every successful event.

Unless you know what might go wrong during your corporate event, you can't prepare for those situations. Instead of leaving the safety of your corporate event to chance, take precautions to protect your people and your information through careful planning and top-level security services. When planning a corporate event, consider security one of your top priorities:
  • Appoint a security team early in the process. When working with a corporate event security team, make a list of potential scenarios that you might have to deal with. Then create a plan of response for each one.
  • Evaluate potential risks, including extreme threats like terrorism and protests, and formulate a plan for handling each.
  • Control access points and who enters the venue.
  • Funnel communication through one point person. This one person can also carry the responsibility of providing necessary information and updates to the security team throughout the event.


Security Post Inspection

The supervision of the guard force is necessary to assure the overall effectiveness of the various mechanics of guarding, detecting, and talking action appropriately in case of an emergency or unusual circumstances. Each guard should be inspected by an appropriate supervisor prior to reporting for duty on each shift, at such times, special instructions or orders are given, as necessary. The best way to make sure client requirements are being met is to actually walk the job site with your security officer. This will give you more of an opportunity to see all of the possible issues that need to be addressed.

Checklist for Security Post Inspection:
  1. Is the supervisor in the proper uniform?
  2. Is the supervisor providing proper training all of the security officers?
  3. Does the supervisor/security guard take pride in the care of his/her uniform?
  4. Does he/she accurately report to his or her manager so that management is current on all pertinent information?
  5. Does he/she handle and document complaints and violation in accordance with the procedures outlined in the security post orders or company policy?


School Security Threats

School threats are a fast growing problem. School designed to be a center for learning should be a place that is safe, secured and peaceful but in a situation where the school premises seems unsafe for learning, students will always be reluctant to go to school. The following are school security threats to watch out for:
  • Verify the identity of service personnel and vendors visiting the school, including those seeking access to utilities, alarm systems, communications systems, maintenance areas, and related locations.
  • Provide special attention to perimeter security and access control issues. Maintain a proactive effort of visitor access and control. Reduce the number of doors accessible from the outside to one designated entrance.
  • Any bomb threat should seriously be accessed through fully. School administration should not rush to evacuate the students without properly examining the genuineness of the threat
  • Any suspicious item or devices should be called to the attention of security personnel immediately.
  • Students should be taught to avoid staying in lonely places alone and always be alert and report suspicious and unusual behavior or happenings immediately.


NSDC withdraws all powers from SSSDC

The MD and CEO of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in concurrence with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, in a public notice has informed the general public that all powers and authority delegated to Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC) as an assessment and certification body for security sector stands withdrawn with immediate effect. The Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC) was constituted as per the National Skill Policy of the Government of India. It was jointly formed by The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

The Notice says that the SSSDC is no longer authorised as the assessment and certification body in the security sector. The notice said that the certification and assessment powers would now be exercisable by the Management & Entrepreneurship and Professionals Skills Council. MEPSC is currently leading skill development initiatives in four key segments namely:- 

  • Professional Skills 
  • Entrepreneurship Skills 
  • Office Management 
  • Training & Assessment


Security Report

Effective security report is necessary to staying informed about security issues on all levels of an organization. The security officer completes the following reports during or at the conclusion of each shift.
DAILY ACTIVITY REPORTSecurity Officers are required to fill out a “Daily Activity Report” during their tour of duty. On this form, questions are asked as to unsealed or damaged fire equipment, locations of motors left running, location of leaks, location of lights burned out, suspicious circumstances, etc
UNUSUAL INCIDENT REPORT - This report is completed by the security officer to record any unusual incident occurring during the shift.  It is most important that complete details be included and that the report states all of the facts clearly so that there can be no possible misunderstanding. The clear presentation of a report can be accomplished only by answering the basic principles of: who, where, why, and how.
ACCIDENT REPORT - The security officer when called to investigate any accident occurring on company property or the immediate vicinity completes this report.  The report states clearly the circumstances of the accident and the information necessary to form a “mental picture” for the reader.  It is also important to secure personal information from persons involved in the accident.
FIRE REPORT - This report is completed by the security officer any time there is a incident of fire or indication of a fire on his post.


Tips to Stay Safe during the Protest

While most protests are peaceful demonstrations, the unfortunate truth is that some are not. Any public gathering can lead to collective violence (looting, vandalism, etc.), injury or arrests if heightened emotions are involved. Proactively put security measures in place to protect your business or home against violence, property damage or vandalism that may result from a demonstration or protest. If a protest or demonstration occurs close to your business or home, use your best discretion. The more prepared you are in advance, the better equipped you’ll be to handle an emergency situation, should it arise. Proper security may prevent your home or business from becoming a target, and will ensure you are notified if an issue does occur.

A few tips to Stay Safe during the Protest:
  1. Keep unnecessary people away from the demonstration.
  2. Never proceed into or through demonstrations if faced with resistance.
  3. Handle unrest in a non-confrontational manner.
  4. If there is violence, property damage or credible threat, contact the police immediately.
  5. Monitor access to your store, office or home.


Steps to Handle Fire Emergency in the Office

It is so unfortunate that in spite of repeated fire outbreaks that has caused a lot of devastating damages in offices and market places, most companies and organizations are not ready to prepare for fire emergencies. The effectiveness of response during fire outbreaks/emergency depends on the information available on how to handle fire emergency and much more on the amount of planning and training performed to organizations beforehand.

Steps to Handle Fire Emergency in the Office
  • Activate the Fire Alarm - This is the first step in handling fire emergency – activating the fire alarm. This involves an automatic activation once there is a fire out break or manual activation by the security guard if it is not automated and if a smoke or fire is detected.
  • Fire Evacuations - Once there is a detection of smoke or fire alarm, the next step is to evacuate everyone from the building immediately. This also involves using the emergency exit to get everyone safely from the building.
  • Call Fire Service - As you place a call to a fire service operator, ensure that you give your name, the address of the location, the nearest route to the fire incident and state the nature of the emergency. This will enable them decide on how to respond to the situation.
  • Fire Fighting (Initial Response) - There should always be fire extinguishers in your workplace. Make sure you have an ample number of fire extinguishers available through the building, which are designed for use in your particular industry.


Temple Security

The necessity for security for places of worship is no different than security for any other “business”. Temples and places of worship welcome people with open doors, but that could be the window of opportunity that leaves them vulnerable to someone with bad intentions. They’re “soft targets,” unfortunately. Each temple and place of worship is unique and has its own challenges, and there are many factors to consider. Threats and Risks around place of worship include Crimes against people and property, Violent actions, Domestic quarrels or other conflict, Accidents, injuries, Attacks by terrorists, gangs or groups, Fires and Vandalism.

Temples should establish Standard Security and Safety Committee to ensure safety as well as security of worshippers. The Committee members should work closely with relevant security agencies in formulating appropriate security measures. A detailed security policy is important for temple security. A security policy is a continuously updated template that figures out, outlines how the organization plans to protect its people and properties. 


Electronic Access Card System

Electronic access cards are currently the most secure building option. They replace locks with intelligently controlled devices, and are operated by swiping an authorized card, which unlocks the respective door. Doors may be unlocked during business hours and locked at a pre-programmed time. This eliminates the need to lock doors manually.

Electronic card access systems allow business owners and building managers an unparalleled degree of control. These systems provide a log of when and where certain cards were used, as well as where someone attempted to use them. Management can control electronic card access systems, granting employees certain privileges at facility doors. When someone leaves your organization, you no longer need to re-key or change the lock on every door. People leaving the organization have their access privileges erased from the system electronically. Because entry privileges can be removed electronically, many facilities where membership or rental status is required for access to the location, may control entry through an access control system. Schools and larger facilities may have their cards imprinted with a photo, logo, and work title. This additional labeling on the card worn with a lanyard or clip identifies building occupants, and provides quick identification.


Qualities of a Good Security Leader

Leadership is not only an essential component of security management, it is a lost art. The list of traits attributed to great leaders is long and varied indeed: courage, strength, intelligence, honour, energy, adaptability, innovation, and initiative – and there are many, many more. A good security leader will display many leadership traits. Good leaders can inspire their employees, solve problems, and position their team to succeed. Some important qualities of a Good Security Leader are discussed here:
  1. Be Transparent - Transparency and open communication with your officers is a key aspect of effective leadership. Transparency gives you the opportunity to explain your decisions and share your vision for the company.
  2. Be Proactive, Not Reactive - A good leader needs to be proactive, pushing the company forward rather than just responding to issues as they arrive. A good leader has the foresight to see the crisis coming and take the steps to avoid it.
  3. Intelligence and Vision - The successful security leader must be smart – and be able to think on his or her feet. Situational awareness and adaptability are key to ensuring the ongoing protection of the organization’s people, information, assets and reputation.
  4. Honesty and Integrity - Honesty and integrity are at the very core of the security profession. Integrity and honesty lead to trust, which allows the security leader to effectively perform his or her duties, ensuring that security can enable an organization’s operations.
  5. Motivation - Good leaders motivate and inspire others to do well not only professionally but personally in life. When people make good personal choices, it translates into positive productivity on the job. When a leader is emotionally healthy and confident in their abilities, it helps to provide a stable environment for everyone else.


Private Security Agency Regulation Act

With concerns about crime and terrorism on the rise, the demand for private security services is rising steadily to protect against robberies, violence and other forms of crime. Private Security Agencies are those organizations involved in providing security services including training of security guards. The legal aspect of Private Security Agency Business is governed by “Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005” in short called as ‘PSARA’. No person or private security agency can commence a business or provide security guard without holding a license.

All the private Security agencies must obtain license under PSARA to operate in security business. The Act specifies the criteria for the qualification and disqualification for a security guard. The Act specifies about the health condition as well as about the uniform of the persons to be employed as a security guard. It set a standard to operate the security business.


VIP Security

The security of VVIP personals is important for security agencies due to increasing global terrorism, just like terrorists are developing new techniques to attack any person; our security agencies are also evolving techniques and types of equipment to protect them. Security agencies around the globe use many things for creating a security bubble including Guns, jammers and armoured vehicles. The level of security cover depends on the threat perception. VVIP security is decided by a committee consisting of Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials, the Home Secretary and the Home Minister. Security is provided to VVIPs, VIPs, Politicians, High-profile celebrities and sportspersons by a few agencies, namely the SPG (Special Protection Group), NSG (National Security Guards), and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force).

Special Protection Group or SPG is the premier organisation for providing security for the Prime Minister. The SPG is a specially trained elite security force with members from paramilitary forces. The government of India is set to increase by an unprecedented 125 per cent the manpower of the Special Security Group (SSG) that provides security cover to highly protected VIPs like Union Ministers, the National Security Advisor (NSA), some Chief Ministers and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief.


Identity Theft

ID theft occurs when someone obtains your personally identifying information, (i.e. your name, social security number or your credit card number) and uses this information to commit fraud and other crimes. It takes on many different forms such as thieves trying to rent an apartment, purchase, and house etc, all in your name. Thieves can fraudulently open credit cards or telephone accounts in your name and can even prevent you from finding out by forwarding your mail to a different address. Criminals will misuse your personally identifying information like your social security number or other information and may commit a variety of crimes such as credit card fraud, bank fraud and government document fraud just to name a few.

Be extremely cautious when giving out personally identifying information over the phone or via e-mail. Any business that seems unfamiliar or doesn’t look legit should be questioned. You can always try to verify that the business actually exists. Nowadays, people get piles of mail sent to them. As you are going through your mail, be conscious of any mail that has your personally identifying information on it. Frequently change your passwords. This refers to all passwords that apply to anything that may unlock your personally identifying information.


ATM Security Tips

One of the primary concerns banks and financial institutions face is ATM security. With criminals becoming more prominent in the financial industry, banks especially need to install stronger safety precautions not only for their business but to also protect their customers’ personal information and bank accounts. In relation to ATM networks, the biggest concerns are security and fraud prevention. It is essential that the ATM network is fully secure from every conceivable type of attack whether it is from inside the bank or an external attack. It is also essential to safeguard the security of the cardholder who has the potential to be robbed while withdrawing cash at an ATM.

ATM Security Tips
  • Scheduled and random physical checks of ATMs by branch staff and technicians.
  • Deploy security personnel that protects the system and the ATM physically.
  • A detection system that senses and sends an alert during any suspicious activity.
  • Ensure that networks are secure, so if one ATM is hacked, fraudsters can't infect the entire ATM network or worse, the entire corporate network.


Solar Power Plant Security – Matter of High Concern

The vast scale, remote location and high-value equipment within solar farms makes them especially vulnerable to theft and vandalism. The thieves not steal only the components but also damage to the property which causes the loss of the hefty amount of money. Almost all solar plants are established in remote areas, the security of these places is of high concern. Security is an important concern for large-scale solar farms and solar parks, with significant investment out in the open and often in remote areas.

The PLN9 team is committed to deliver a consistent level of Trained Guards and Service which is reliable, safe, and innovative & customer driven. Our expert team of professionals is well trained to counter any type of security risk. We continuously try to improve our services for meeting the expectations of client’s requirement. Guard supervision is key to a successfully managed site along with modern equipments like CCTV, intrusion detection system, security alarms and fencing. Our security personnel’s are properly-managed and highly experienced to protect vulnerable sites against theft or vandalism.


Security Guards Training Programs

Security guards help to ensure the safety of property, employees, and residents. Guards patrol and monitor a wide variety of settings, including shopping malls, banks, entertainment venues, transportation facilities, public museums and hospitals. Most clients require security guards to be licensed and formal training programs through vocational institutes have become a standard method of training. There are several types of unarmed security guards who are working in different areas, and each kind of them is specially trained to work in that specific area. Topics covered during the training programs include basic security techniques, investigations, report writing, patrolling tactics, firearm use and emergency procedures. 

Different types of Security Guard Training provided are as follows.
  1. Personal security guard training is widely known as bodyguard training. Bodyguards closely protect individuals from threats and criminal activities. They safely escort important people from one place to another, stay alert for suspicious activities, and report any imminent danger to the police.
  2. Residential security guarding involves the safety and protection of residential areas and colonies. A residential security guard assigned in a particular residential area and is responsible for the security of all of its residents.
  3. Corporate security guard courses are designed for those who wish to be employed in areas like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, banks, and other private organizations. It involves how to safeguard company assets, people, and corporate personal information. The course teaches about the external and internal corporate security.