ATM Security Tips

One of the primary concerns banks and financial institutions face is ATM security. With criminals becoming more prominent in the financial industry, banks especially need to install stronger safety precautions not only for their business but to also protect their customers’ personal information and bank accounts. In relation to ATM networks, the biggest concerns are security and fraud prevention. It is essential that the ATM network is fully secure from every conceivable type of attack whether it is from inside the bank or an external attack. It is also essential to safeguard the security of the cardholder who has the potential to be robbed while withdrawing cash at an ATM.

ATM Security Tips
  • Scheduled and random physical checks of ATMs by branch staff and technicians.
  • Deploy security personnel that protects the system and the ATM physically.
  • A detection system that senses and sends an alert during any suspicious activity.
  • Ensure that networks are secure, so if one ATM is hacked, fraudsters can't infect the entire ATM network or worse, the entire corporate network.

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