Electronic Access Card System

Electronic access cards are currently the most secure building option. They replace locks with intelligently controlled devices, and are operated by swiping an authorized card, which unlocks the respective door. Doors may be unlocked during business hours and locked at a pre-programmed time. This eliminates the need to lock doors manually.

Electronic card access systems allow business owners and building managers an unparalleled degree of control. These systems provide a log of when and where certain cards were used, as well as where someone attempted to use them. Management can control electronic card access systems, granting employees certain privileges at facility doors. When someone leaves your organization, you no longer need to re-key or change the lock on every door. People leaving the organization have their access privileges erased from the system electronically. Because entry privileges can be removed electronically, many facilities where membership or rental status is required for access to the location, may control entry through an access control system. Schools and larger facilities may have their cards imprinted with a photo, logo, and work title. This additional labeling on the card worn with a lanyard or clip identifies building occupants, and provides quick identification.

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