Identity Theft

ID theft occurs when someone obtains your personally identifying information, (i.e. your name, social security number or your credit card number) and uses this information to commit fraud and other crimes. It takes on many different forms such as thieves trying to rent an apartment, purchase, and house etc, all in your name. Thieves can fraudulently open credit cards or telephone accounts in your name and can even prevent you from finding out by forwarding your mail to a different address. Criminals will misuse your personally identifying information like your social security number or other information and may commit a variety of crimes such as credit card fraud, bank fraud and government document fraud just to name a few.

Be extremely cautious when giving out personally identifying information over the phone or via e-mail. Any business that seems unfamiliar or doesn’t look legit should be questioned. You can always try to verify that the business actually exists. Nowadays, people get piles of mail sent to them. As you are going through your mail, be conscious of any mail that has your personally identifying information on it. Frequently change your passwords. This refers to all passwords that apply to anything that may unlock your personally identifying information.

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