Qualities of a Good Security Leader

Leadership is not only an essential component of security management, it is a lost art. The list of traits attributed to great leaders is long and varied indeed: courage, strength, intelligence, honour, energy, adaptability, innovation, and initiative – and there are many, many more. A good security leader will display many leadership traits. Good leaders can inspire their employees, solve problems, and position their team to succeed. Some important qualities of a Good Security Leader are discussed here:
  1. Be Transparent - Transparency and open communication with your officers is a key aspect of effective leadership. Transparency gives you the opportunity to explain your decisions and share your vision for the company.
  2. Be Proactive, Not Reactive - A good leader needs to be proactive, pushing the company forward rather than just responding to issues as they arrive. A good leader has the foresight to see the crisis coming and take the steps to avoid it.
  3. Intelligence and Vision - The successful security leader must be smart – and be able to think on his or her feet. Situational awareness and adaptability are key to ensuring the ongoing protection of the organization’s people, information, assets and reputation.
  4. Honesty and Integrity - Honesty and integrity are at the very core of the security profession. Integrity and honesty lead to trust, which allows the security leader to effectively perform his or her duties, ensuring that security can enable an organization’s operations.
  5. Motivation - Good leaders motivate and inspire others to do well not only professionally but personally in life. When people make good personal choices, it translates into positive productivity on the job. When a leader is emotionally healthy and confident in their abilities, it helps to provide a stable environment for everyone else.

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