School Security Threats

School threats are a fast growing problem. School designed to be a center for learning should be a place that is safe, secured and peaceful but in a situation where the school premises seems unsafe for learning, students will always be reluctant to go to school. The following are school security threats to watch out for:
  • Verify the identity of service personnel and vendors visiting the school, including those seeking access to utilities, alarm systems, communications systems, maintenance areas, and related locations.
  • Provide special attention to perimeter security and access control issues. Maintain a proactive effort of visitor access and control. Reduce the number of doors accessible from the outside to one designated entrance.
  • Any bomb threat should seriously be accessed through fully. School administration should not rush to evacuate the students without properly examining the genuineness of the threat
  • Any suspicious item or devices should be called to the attention of security personnel immediately.
  • Students should be taught to avoid staying in lonely places alone and always be alert and report suspicious and unusual behavior or happenings immediately.

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