Security Guard Management Software

Security guard software aims to help companies monitor their guard tours without getting distracted from their initial purpose: ensure high security level of their staff and guaranteed protection of buildings and assets. Features of security guard management software:-
  • Real-time - It is an innovative guard tour software that execute procedures in real-time so as to relieve the managing staff from time consumable processes such as repeating phone calls, filling paper or online forms, controlling patrols via messages or visits to the specific areas.
  • Cloud system - Cloud guard tour systems offer flexibility and effectiveness, globalizing data and information and minimizing infrastructure and delivery costs. Cloud guard security guard management software should be a prerequisite for a business offering security guard services.
  • User Management - Guard tour software oriented to fully automate guard tour management inform the final clients about specific events with regard to their own assets and set administration roles and multi branching user management in order to acquire different levels of access to the system.
  • Advanced Reporting - Security guard management software lets the managing staff to organize guard tours and patrols efficiently, by searching, indexing, saving and exporting data adding advanced search filters to facilitate its work. It allows the creation, editing and implementation of the actions via simple commands in a well-structured web interface.

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