Security Officer Post Orders

The primary function of security is the deterrence of criminal acts against the property, tenants and visitors to the property, and vehicles while on property. Post orders are the instructions, provided to serve as a guide to security officers. These General Orders apply to uniformed security personnel; regardless of rank, position, shift, post or work assignment. These instructions direct all security functions on the property, and any questions related to the post orders should be referred to supervisor. General instructions include in post orders are:-
  1. Inspect all post equipment to ensure it is operational;
  2. Inspect the post for damage to equipment and property;
  3. Ask the officer you are relieving if there is any important information to pass on;
  4. Upon completing post checks and assuming duties, report in with your immediate supervisor;
  5. Ensure all necessary post paperwork and forms are available.
Development of post orders is just the first step in ensuring high-quality security guard service. But having great post orders means nothing if your officers don’t know and understand them.  To get your officers that understanding, a proper site orientation given by a capable supervisor is essential.

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