Security Post Inspection

The supervision of the guard force is necessary to assure the overall effectiveness of the various mechanics of guarding, detecting, and talking action appropriately in case of an emergency or unusual circumstances. Each guard should be inspected by an appropriate supervisor prior to reporting for duty on each shift, at such times, special instructions or orders are given, as necessary. The best way to make sure client requirements are being met is to actually walk the job site with your security officer. This will give you more of an opportunity to see all of the possible issues that need to be addressed.

Checklist for Security Post Inspection:
  1. Is the supervisor in the proper uniform?
  2. Is the supervisor providing proper training all of the security officers?
  3. Does the supervisor/security guard take pride in the care of his/her uniform?
  4. Does he/she accurately report to his or her manager so that management is current on all pertinent information?
  5. Does he/she handle and document complaints and violation in accordance with the procedures outlined in the security post orders or company policy?

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