Security Report

Effective security report is necessary to staying informed about security issues on all levels of an organization. The security officer completes the following reports during or at the conclusion of each shift.
DAILY ACTIVITY REPORTSecurity Officers are required to fill out a “Daily Activity Report” during their tour of duty. On this form, questions are asked as to unsealed or damaged fire equipment, locations of motors left running, location of leaks, location of lights burned out, suspicious circumstances, etc
UNUSUAL INCIDENT REPORT - This report is completed by the security officer to record any unusual incident occurring during the shift.  It is most important that complete details be included and that the report states all of the facts clearly so that there can be no possible misunderstanding. The clear presentation of a report can be accomplished only by answering the basic principles of: who, where, why, and how.
ACCIDENT REPORT - The security officer when called to investigate any accident occurring on company property or the immediate vicinity completes this report.  The report states clearly the circumstances of the accident and the information necessary to form a “mental picture” for the reader.  It is also important to secure personal information from persons involved in the accident.
FIRE REPORT - This report is completed by the security officer any time there is a incident of fire or indication of a fire on his post.

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