Solar Power Plant Security – Matter of High Concern

The vast scale, remote location and high-value equipment within solar farms makes them especially vulnerable to theft and vandalism. The thieves not steal only the components but also damage to the property which causes the loss of the hefty amount of money. Almost all solar plants are established in remote areas, the security of these places is of high concern. Security is an important concern for large-scale solar farms and solar parks, with significant investment out in the open and often in remote areas.

The PLN9 team is committed to deliver a consistent level of Trained Guards and Service which is reliable, safe, and innovative & customer driven. Our expert team of professionals is well trained to counter any type of security risk. We continuously try to improve our services for meeting the expectations of client’s requirement. Guard supervision is key to a successfully managed site along with modern equipments like CCTV, intrusion detection system, security alarms and fencing. Our security personnel’s are properly-managed and highly experienced to protect vulnerable sites against theft or vandalism.

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