Steps to Handle Fire Emergency in the Office

It is so unfortunate that in spite of repeated fire outbreaks that has caused a lot of devastating damages in offices and market places, most companies and organizations are not ready to prepare for fire emergencies. The effectiveness of response during fire outbreaks/emergency depends on the information available on how to handle fire emergency and much more on the amount of planning and training performed to organizations beforehand.

Steps to Handle Fire Emergency in the Office
  • Activate the Fire Alarm - This is the first step in handling fire emergency – activating the fire alarm. This involves an automatic activation once there is a fire out break or manual activation by the security guard if it is not automated and if a smoke or fire is detected.
  • Fire Evacuations - Once there is a detection of smoke or fire alarm, the next step is to evacuate everyone from the building immediately. This also involves using the emergency exit to get everyone safely from the building.
  • Call Fire Service - As you place a call to a fire service operator, ensure that you give your name, the address of the location, the nearest route to the fire incident and state the nature of the emergency. This will enable them decide on how to respond to the situation.
  • Fire Fighting (Initial Response) - There should always be fire extinguishers in your workplace. Make sure you have an ample number of fire extinguishers available through the building, which are designed for use in your particular industry.

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