Temple Security

The necessity for security for places of worship is no different than security for any other “business”. Temples and places of worship welcome people with open doors, but that could be the window of opportunity that leaves them vulnerable to someone with bad intentions. They’re “soft targets,” unfortunately. Each temple and place of worship is unique and has its own challenges, and there are many factors to consider. Threats and Risks around place of worship include Crimes against people and property, Violent actions, Domestic quarrels or other conflict, Accidents, injuries, Attacks by terrorists, gangs or groups, Fires and Vandalism.

Temples should establish Standard Security and Safety Committee to ensure safety as well as security of worshippers. The Committee members should work closely with relevant security agencies in formulating appropriate security measures. A detailed security policy is important for temple security. A security policy is a continuously updated template that figures out, outlines how the organization plans to protect its people and properties. 

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