Tips to Keep Parking Lot Safe and Secure

  1. Put up a Solid Fence with a Gate - Not having a fence with a solid gate around your car lot makes it accessible to any car theft. A fence and a gate are physical access control security measures.
  2. Always Keep Light On at Night - keeping lights on always at night is a sure way to keep it safe and secured because having a car lot without keeping it well light at night is a great opportunity for someone who wants to vandalize or steal a vehicle.
  3. Invest in security - Installing video cameras and surveillance will limit the possibility of violent attacks. Installing high quality CCTV is a sure way to keep your parking lot out of danger.  It will help you or the police if something wrong happen.
  4. Hire a Professional Security Guard - Hiring a professional security guard to watch over your parking lot and monitor it as well as notify the authorities for any suspicious activity can help keep it safe and secured.
  5. Always Keep Vehicles Away from Every Access Points - Vehicles closest to the entrances/exits of parking lot are always the first to be stolen or vandalized. So try to keep your vehicles away from every access points.

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