Tips to Stay Safe during the Protest

While most protests are peaceful demonstrations, the unfortunate truth is that some are not. Any public gathering can lead to collective violence (looting, vandalism, etc.), injury or arrests if heightened emotions are involved. Proactively put security measures in place to protect your business or home against violence, property damage or vandalism that may result from a demonstration or protest. If a protest or demonstration occurs close to your business or home, use your best discretion. The more prepared you are in advance, the better equipped you’ll be to handle an emergency situation, should it arise. Proper security may prevent your home or business from becoming a target, and will ensure you are notified if an issue does occur.

A few tips to Stay Safe during the Protest:
  1. Keep unnecessary people away from the demonstration.
  2. Never proceed into or through demonstrations if faced with resistance.
  3. Handle unrest in a non-confrontational manner.
  4. If there is violence, property damage or credible threat, contact the police immediately.
  5. Monitor access to your store, office or home.

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