Artificial Intelligence and Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. From automatic self-learning systems to robots, the security industry is evolving fast, developing new strategies and tools to protect the lives of people. Physical security systems are increasingly using AI to watch people and protect high-value assets.

Recently, technologies like drones and robots equipped with onboard AI and access control systems equipped with super-human facial recognition capabilities have come to market. Meanwhile, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have also found their place in the physical security industry. Facial Recognition combined with AI is the trend in key government applications. The technology is expected to scan the faces of all the people within the examining space and analyze for any suspicious activities or criminals that could pose a danger and alert the officials for action. The AI powered by voice biometrics will lead remote authorization. Even though the technology is in a conceptual stage, the success of the voice biometrics so far compels to believe that the future of remote authorization will be automated powered by AI and biometrics. Integration of AI with biometric technology is observed for mass surveillance and remote authentication in the public and commercial sector respectively. The technology looks promising to be deployed.

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