Fire Drill

Fire safety training at work is everyone’s business. Fire drills are essential in any workplace or public building for practicing what to do in the event of a fire. There are several reasons why fire drills are important; firstly fire drills are an opportunity to practice evacuation procedures to make sure all staff are familiar with them. Fire drills are also useful for testing escape routes to evaluate their effectiveness. During fire drills, checks can also be carried out on alarm systems to ensure they are working correctly and that emergency exits are unobstructed.

In buildings where there are more than one exit route, the main exits should be blocked off to encourage staff to use alternative escape routes as in a real fire, parts of the building could be impassable due to fire or smoke. Set a stopwatch to record how long the full evacuation takes, fire marshals should do a roll call and tick people off to make sure everyone is out of the building. Debriefing should take place after the fire drill to look at the findings of the observers and evaluate the effectiveness of the evacuation procedures. Particular attention should be made to those points that were highlighted for improvement in the initial planning. Overall fire drills help improve safety, so that you will be best prepared if a real fire does occur.

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