How to Motivate Security Guards

Almost every company facility has security guards – at access control points, reception areas, around buildings and in industrial areas. They are in usually in uniform and represent an image of the company to the outside world, to employees and contractors. And every guard is also seen as a representative and a symbol of the security function of a company as a whole. The safety of your establishment relies on a dependable security force. Security personnel perform important duties that make or break a company’s reputation.

One of the best ways to get your security team motivated is by offering work trainings as often as possible. Work trainings allow people to share ideas, interact and see one another in a setting that is different from their usual role on the job. The most effective way to build community at your place of work is by providing the space for your employees to interact with each other. One of the hardest parts about bringing employees together is the fact that most security guards work alone. Think about ways to get the teammates together, whether it’s a company lunch once a month, an online forum for questions or ideas, or a common room with bulletin board announcements. When your security guards feel valued and respected, they will likely respond with positive behavior in return. Many business owners and managers are so busy trying to keep all systems running smoothly that they never take the time to ask for employee input. Look for as many opportunities as possible to engage with your team and ask questions to check in and see how they are feeling about their performance.

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