Importance of Customer Assessment

Whether a high rise in an urban environment or a manufacturing plant in a rural area, each site comes with a unique set of physical security challenges and requirements. Physical security controls are essential to protecting facilities, sensitive information, and personnel from natural and human threats. So it is important to identify gaps and weak points that expose an organization to risk. A customer assessment refers to the process of getting to know your client, it means assessing their property, their needs and their expectations from a security system. Part of that may include a risk assessment, where you as the security expert assess the level of risk to their site and assets from criminal activity or due to environmental damage.

Security professionals, hold a responsibility to ask questions to ultimately gain the trust of our customers. They need to ensure that they are deploying solutions that are right for each client’s unique needs. The better a customer assessment is, the better they can tailor their services  towards the customer’s needs. A customer assessment allows understanding exactly what the customer needs and wants from a security system. Giving the scope to recommend the right solution. Even if the customer chooses your security services, following the assessment and quote, it’s crucial that to continue the communication.

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