Road Safety and Security

The safety demands of transport systems are increasing. Besides capacity and compatibility there are increasing requirements for the safety of all road users. “Road safety” is about risks that are generated by the traffic itself. “Security” means protection from threat situations which are brought into the traffic from outside, such as extreme weather conditions or attacks. A Road Safety Audit is necessary to ensure safety and security of road users. A Road Safety Audit is an evaluation of a highway improvement scheme during design, at the end of construction and post-construction, to identify road safety problems and to suggest measures to eliminate or mitigate any concerns. Tips for Road Safety:-
  1. Carry a mobile phone and key contact information for emergencies.
  2. Remain alert at all times and avoid Driver Distractions such as cellular conversations, texting etc.
  3. Always place your valuables in the boot of your car and never leave items such as cell phones and wallets in open sight, unattended, or on the seat of a car.
  4. Remain alert to any areas that might present a threat of criminal activity such as hijackings and smash-and-grab.
  5. In the event of an accident, determine the extent of the damage or injuries and assess whether or not medical attention is required.
  6. Keep essential roadside equipment with you as many breakdowns are caused by relatively minor problems. Items include a fist aid kit, tow rope, warning triangles, torch and fire extinguisher.
  7. Get information about local highway regulations, signs, customs, right-of-way conventions, driving conditions and seasonal hazards.

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