Role of Surveillance in Securing Cities

Urban security is critical for development, investment and access to services. As cities continue to grow, attract businesses and become economic power houses, they breed crime, violence and terrorism. Video surveillance is a safe and secure city’s primary tool to monitor population movement and to fight crime, as complex interactions between varied factors trigger and drive urban crisis. One of the key intentions of using the video surveillance system is 'crime deterrence’ – to monitor, prevent and detect theft and violent crimes – which is the main objective of using the visual surveillance in public transportation, retail, schools, public areas, etc. Another, key intension is ‘crime detection’, which allows investigators and concerned parties to revisit the crime scenario and to identify the criminals.

There is multiple special surveillance system, which are used for specific situations. The real-time 24x7 visibility offered by video surveillance not only acts as crime deterrent and assists in crime detection, but the visible presence of the system also spreads the feeling of safety among residents and visitors. When people feel safe, the city instantly becomes a nicer place to live, the infrastructure improves, talent and businesses move there.

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