Solar Farms - Unique Security Needs

Solar farms are difficult to secure and offer many unique challenges to security professionals. By their nature, solar farms form part of the rural landscape. They are placed in optimum position for the benefit of maximizing the sunlight, rather than being installed to optimize security. Solar farms are unique in that they are not businesses that can operate within discreet or specific areas. On the other end of the spectrum, a solar farm may take up a single rooftop or small city space. It can be difficult to secure very large or very small locations. When solar farms are located in remote areas, it’s easy for intruders and criminals to access, enter, and disturb operations. If the solar farm is remotely located, the intruder will have all the time and privacy he or she needs to get the job done. Solar farms are always implementing the newest technology, cutting-edge facilities, and powerful equipment. This sort of physical presence means two things: it’s not cheap to set up a solar farm, and solar farms are tempting targets for would-be thieves.

Make security a priority when you start to plan you solar farm installation. Make sure there are full perimeter security measures in place, which act as a physical barrier to potential thieves. Ensure installation of high tech security camera, audio alarm, voice-down intervention, thermal imaging camera (thermal cameras can see through shrubs, bushes, and some terrain features). Like CCTV, manned guarding also offers a visible, protective presence and can be cost-effective for dual purpose farms who also want to ensure that farm vehicles, boundaries, access points and farm materials are all kept secure – as well as the solar farm.

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