Thermal imaging cameras provide the most effective 24/7 monitoring solution available in the video surveillance. Thermal cameras do not need any light to capture high contrast, quality footage and can see through visual obscurants such as dust, light fog, smoke or some foliage. Thermal imaging cameras can see in complete darkness. Thermal cameras do not rely on reflected light at all instead they create images from heat by displaying very small differences in thermal energy as various shades of grey in black & white video.

Regular cameras can be tricked by landscapes in which analogous colors or patterns conceal objects of interest, raising the dangerous possibility of something going undetected. But thermal radiation can penetrate these visible barriers and thermal imaging is largely unchanged by their presence. Deploying video analytics with thermal camera provides a highly effective intrusion detection system, and a reduction in false alarms compared to visible cameras. It is useful for building inspection, military and police target detection and acquisition, technical surveillance counter-measures, automotive night vision, energy auditing of building insulation and many more. 

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