Fire Safety Audit

The Fire Safety Audit process involves an in-depth examination of an organisation’s fire safety management system(s) and associated arrangements. Fire Audits evaluate the effectiveness of safety plans, double-check that processes are still accurate and determine if established procedures are being followed. The audit focuses on the key aspects of managing fire safety within the workplace and offers a structured path for continual improvement towards best practice status. Facilities that perform audits are better able to identify emerging safety issues before they become problems. An audit can also help serve as a catalyst for necessary changes to improve employee safety.

Steps involved in Fire safety audit process are:-
  1. Review of fire safety management documentation.
  2. Interview with management, staff and other stakeholders.
  3. Site tour, inspection and operational sampling.
  4. Inspection of automatic fire detection systems and planned maintenance regimes.
  5. Assessment of occupancy levels, means of escape, access and egress arrangements for persons with specific needs during an evacuation event.
  6. Internal performance measurement, monitoring and review arrangements.
  7. Submission of Reports with presentation of silent finding and recommendations for improvement.

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