Hotel Security Job Responsibilities

  1. Hotel security in charge is responsible to conduct exterior and interior patrols of the hotel premises on a regular basis each day.
  2. They are responsible for continuously keeping a track of all the cameras installed in the hotel premises and report if there is any suspicion.
  3. It is there duty to monitor the alarms and make arrangement for evacuation in case of emergency.
  4. They are responsible to check the cars coming inside the hotel premises at the gate itself.
  5. It is their responsibility to make arrangement for scanning the luggage of the guests entering the hotel so that no hazardous materials enter the hotel.
  6. They should maintain security station with a proper information database and stay connected with the security room so that quick actions can be taken at times of emergency.
  7. It is their duty to make sure that the parking area is safe and secured and all the doors around the hotel are properly locked and the rooms occupied by the guests are silent and in the way they are supposed to be.
  8. The security officer should keep a constant check on the other security personals and see whether they are performing their responsibilities up to the standards.

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