Responsibilities of Bank Security Guard

  1. Control entry to the facilities, physically checking employee ID’S, Non – Employee ID’s recording entry-utilizing software for employee verification and the visitor badging system.
  2. Extinguish office lights after normal business hours, check fire-fighting equipment, and ensure that all doors close and latch properly.
  3. Provide escorts to Bank personnel during the retrieval of currency from the night deposit box.
  4. Control entry to the banks visitor lot, record entry and exit times, license number, and nature of business of each visitor, and provide directional assistance to employees and visitors searching form parking spaces.
  5. Operate company vehicle to patrol remote areas and buildings, checking for unlocked doors, perform parking lot checks, they enforce the obedience of rules and regulations of the bank.
  6. Notify the security control center by telephone or radio of any immediate hazards or irregularities encountered while patrolling and responding to alarms and instructions received from security control center.

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