Safety and Security during Hospitality Emergencies

Safety and security are classified as the most important factors in the hospitality industry. These are the most important factors to the tourist, and the first in mind when planning to travel. Emergencies can occur suddenly in hotels. So, safety is one of the most important issues to protect the guests from hazards. Safety is a term which relates to protecting guests and staff within the hotel from the potential hazards, injury, and death by dealing with dangerous materials and different kinds of accidents. In contrast, security regards the protection of property from criminal accidents and terrorist activities.

Hotel management should be aware of the responsibility of the guests' safety inside the property. Emergency systems should be installed to ensure the safety and protection from fires and other hazards by continuously checking the emergency plan, fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, emergency lights, smoke and heat detectors, employee training, and cooperation with the government agencies. Hotels should issue a check-list concerning a hotel’s vulnerability to emergencies caused by natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis) or man-made crises (terrorist attacks, explosions, fires, spill). Staff should also receive proper continuous training to prepare them for any upcoming hazards, ensuring the maximum level of safety and security of the hotel and the guests.

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