Security Action Plan for Special Events

Pre-Event Planning
  • Appoint a security committee consisting of representatives from facility management, risk management, safety, support personnel.
  • Develop and implement a security and crowd control program, including procedures for handling incidents, other threats and evacuating the facility, and coordinate the plan with local law enforcement and emergency agencies.
  • Establish a central communication point for coordinating all safety and security activities during the event.

  • Provide security personnel, and adjust staffing needs according to the size of the projected crowd.
  • Assign security personnel to patrol the facility during the event - patrols serve as the eyes and ears for the staff in the control center.
  • Provide training on crowd dynamics, address social media, reinforce protecting people’s rights, and reinforce objectives to keep people safe.

  • Provide sufficient staffing at entrances and exits to facilitate the orderly entry and exiting of the crowd. Ensure emergency exits allow for the free flow of the crowd from the facility.
  • Keep all exterior entrances locked, in accordance with life safety code requirements, and require visitors to enter the facility through a controlled entrance.
  • For events at which a large volume of cars is expected, request the assistance of law enforcement in providing traffic control on local roads.

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