Business Administration Skills

Ø  Stay up to date with today’s information- Scan for content that will help you better understand today’s businessenvironment, give you a deeper understanding of industries you support, and educate yourself on newtechnologies.

Ø   Develop and Strengthen your people skills- Being able to relate to others and for others to relate to you is critical in earning trust and building a foundation of respect. Remember that the best leaders are always mindful of what matters most to those they lead. They believe that the goals of others are as important as their own.

Ø  Become an effective Motivator and Inspirer- Motivation is a personal thing and while there are general motivational triggers, the most powerful are the motivational tools that can resonate with a person’s individual needs. Great leaders focus on helping others become better. 

Ø   Be proactive in company projects and committees- One of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of how your company runs is to get more involved in company projects, committees, or special initiatives. At the very least, ask if you can job shadow or sit with a different team or department for a few hours each month to learn what they do at a deeper level.

Ø  Enroll in various administration courses- One simple and often overlooked means of furthering your businesseducation is taking classes. Investigate what your local community colleges offers. Research online business courses you may enroll in. There are plenty free courses available online that offers certificates on completion, which when added to your resume, would add more value.

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