National Security Concerns

Over the past decade, India has emerged as a major power in the evolving international power matrix of the twenty-first century. India's sustained techno-economic progress, combined with its performance in the areas of strategic technology and information-communication technology, have catapulted the country to the status of a global technology player and a strong candidate for inclusion among the top world powers, in the near future. The role of technology in India's transformation has been significant. Sustaining this momentum and achieving numerous national objectives in an atmosphere of changing security dynamics, will be the real challenge.

The nature of threats facing India is more complex today than in the past. These challenges call for a robust security architecture which is autonomous and dynamic at once, capable of dealing with these growing threats in real time. In order to forge such alliances, India has to enhance both its hard power and its soft power assets. However, much still needs to be done to enhance India’s hard power in military, space and cyber assets.

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