Nuclear Power Plant Security Measures

The nuclear energy industry maintains very strict security measures or protocols to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to critical equipment or approaching close enough to harm the facility with land or waterborne explosives. Security measures are especially stringent for the vital area, which contains the reactor and associated safety systems, the control room, used fuel pool, and main security alarm stations. Access to the vital area is protected by card readers, security doors and sometimes staffed guard stations. Security officers search for firearms, explosives, incendiary devices and any other material that could be used for industrial or radiological sabotage. Individuals who are granted unescorted access to a plant’s protected area become part of the industry’s behavioral observation program, which includes behavioral observation by peers and supervisors.
Security measures in power plant include:
-Physical barriers, electronic detection and assessment systems, and illuminated detection zones
-Bullet-resisting, protected positions throughout the plant
-Robust barriers to critical areas
-Electronic surveillance and physical patrols of the plant perimeter and interior structures
-Background checks and access control for employees
-Highly trained, well-armed security officers
-Each individual is trained to look for unusual behavior and to report it immediately.

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