Physical Security Requirements of Industries

The industrial sector faces real challenges as technology is always advancing, experienced professionals are retiring, and the business environment of the new global economy imposes ever-greater competitive demands. At the same time, moral, regulatory, and insurance requirements must be met in terms of maintaining a safe and secure workplace. It is no secret that many kinds of industrial facilities have been identified as potential targets for malicious attacks, including oil and gas production sites, refineries, gas distribution sites, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills and power-generation stations. To help safeguard physical and human assets, production plants and other vulnerable operations require an integrated security system that brings together multiple security technologies. Current physical security requirements include:-
Ø  identifying and controlling individuals who enter and exit the facility
Ø  tracking movements of building occupants and assets
Ø  controlling access to restricted areas
Ø  tracking and locating equipment, products, and other resources
Ø  tracking the location of personnel on site in the event of an incident
Ø  integrating control and security systems for greater speed and efficiency
Ø  protecting process automation networks and systems from potential intrusion
Ø  responding quickly to alarms and events

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