Responsibilities of Security Guard In Construction Site

  1. Security Guards at construction site protect site against fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entry,
  2. Permits authorized persons to enter property and records time of entry and departure,
  3. Checks credentials of persons at large on the construction site,
  4. Patrols assigned area of construction site at predetermined intervals,
  5. Reports to Lead Hand on any fire hazards, malfunction of machine or equipment, interruption of utility services, leaking pipes and security doors unlocked,
  6. Sounds alarm, contacts Lead Hand, fire department or RCMP in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons,
  7. Issues passes and directs visitors to appropriate area,
  8. Observes windows, doors, gates, equipment and machinery to ensure they are properly secured,
  9. Checks alarms and fire extinguishers and other fire control systems to ensure that they are set to operate.

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