Election Security

As we know, that Karnataka Legislative Assembly election 2018 is scheduled to be held across the state on May 12, 2018. Two of the leading parties of the state, have been campaigning aggressively in the state for the last few months to impress their voters.  Security concern also becomes top priority in this electoral environment. The nature of an election makes it vulnerable to a range of security threats against participants, infrastructure, information and materials.

Neither can security analysis and planning be effective when it occurs only in a period shortly before the electoral process starts, nor depend solely on reactive strategies. High-level of communication and coordination among the agencies are responsible for the administration and security of an election.  Bangalore City police have set up around 400 check posts in and around the city to keep a strict vigil and check illegal activities during the Assembly elections. Many Central security forces are being called in for security arrangements. Six patrolling teams will also work in each constituency which will have both police and revenue officials.

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