How can effective physical security be achieved in organizations?

Without identifying security risks and potential losses they may cause, implementing physical security would be like taking medicine without knowing the disease. In a risk based physical security implementation approach, high priority risks are addressed first. High priority risks, if occurred, may not only bring operations to complete halt, but also pose danger to human life and assets, which will in turn bring huge losses to business and life of employees.

Risk based physical security implementation starts with Identification of everything that could be at risk at some point of time or event. There can be a number of possible loss events that can occur within an organization. Some loss events may depend on the specific industry type and vary from organization to organization, so it is important to identify possible loss events. Multi-layer implementation of physical security ensures that an intruder will face hurdles at all levels and it would be hard to gain access to facility or resources. A risk matrix can also help you quickly compare likelihood, consequences and rank of all identified loss events. It can be used to quickly identify risks needs to be addressed on priority.

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