Tips for Staying Safe while Traveling

  1. Keep an eye on your belongings, especially when being in transfer mode. You should always keep an eye on all your stuff when traveling with a backpack.
  2. Be careful also in Hotels and Guest Houses while stay. Crime doesn't stop when leaving the street; things get stolen in Guest Houses and Hotels as well. Therefore you should use the locker or the safe.
  3. Keep a record of important documents. If your wallet or any important documents do get stolen, it's important to know exactly what's missing. Before you go on your trip, write down all the information from your credit and debit cards, driver's license, medical insurance and other important documents.
  4. Before you leave for your trip, stop your mail delivery. An overflowing mailbox is like a huge sign that says "no one is in home." This will also ensure that important documents aren't stolen from your mailbox
  5. Sometimes there is nothing wrong about trusting your instincts when booking a tour, a bus ride or making a decision for the next travel destination. If something feels wrong it maybe is wrong – if in doubt: Trust your instincts!
  6. In case of an emergency you should always know the numbers to call: insurance, family, bank, doctor etc. Make a list of these numbers for easy access in case of emergency.

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