Why you need Security Education and Awareness?

  1.    Security awareness enlightens you about possible threats to physical and personal      security. So, it makes you immune to workplace security issues, among others.
  2.    When you have a good grasp of security awareness and training, you can easily          teach and advice others on how to protect physical and information assets belonging    to an individual or an organization.
  3.    You cannot protect yourself against something that you are oblivious of its existence.    So, you must be really aware of threats to both physical and information security.         This is the only way you can prevent them.
  4.    With adequate security awareness education and training, you will be able to work       with security technology.
  5.    Due to the increasing need for businesses and organizations to keep certain   information and assets as confidential and secure as possible, applicants who have a   solid background in security awareness and training are preferred to those without   this knowledge.

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