Working of Laser Security System

The basic sensing component of a laser security system is an infrared motion detector. An infrared motion detector works by using beams of infrared light to detect changes in heat. When a person moves into the beam of light, the sensor is alerted by the body heat given off by the individual. If infrared sensors are placed strategically, the beams of light will make it impossible for an intruder to come into the area without the sensor being alerted. The sensor, which is connected to the basic alarm unit through a wireless connection, then triggers the basic unit to alert the monitoring service. The monitoring service will contact the home and, if no response is received, will contact the police. In most models, the basic unit also sounds a loud alarm.

Laser Security Systems are simple to install and can be used effectively inside or outside a home. The systems can be used as a highly effective perimeter alarm for property boundaries or even for pools, where customers can have the lasers set to detect when small children come within a set number of feet from the edge of the water.

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