Civilian Private Security Services

The civilian private security services sector encompasses a wide range of activities, and regulation should extend to as many of these as is practicable to avoid loopholes, ensure accountability and maximize the contribution of private security to crime prevention and community safety. The authorizations and limitations of the civilian private security sector should be set out in relevant legislation. If private security workers have special powers or the right to carry weapons, this should be made explicit and regulated as applicable. Areas where private security entities are not expected to operate should be identified in the legislation. The safety and working conditions of civilian private security operatives require specific attention. Even if there is general regulation protecting operatives, the unique challenges of the civilian private security sector may necessitate specialized regulations.

Appropriate training for civilian private security staff is vital in order to raise the standards of the civilian private security sector. States therefore need to ensure that appropriate training standards are established for the sector and consider how these standards are developed and delivered, whether by State or non-State actors or by civilian private security bodies subject to further regulatory controls.

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