Duties of Security Field Officer

  1. He Works effectively with all clients and stakeholders and maintains effective relationships with all clients.
  2. Develop an introductory security plan for all new hires taking into account all of the foregoing.
  3. Assist in the design and implementation of security strategies and programme specific security procedures/standards and establish a concrete course of action for their implementation and where appropriate apply these standards.
  4. Conduct regular document reviews of extant security plans and policies and update edit or improve as required.
  5. Review and make recommendations regarding safety/security requirements of the clients.
  6. Develop and regularly review all internal evacuation and emergency contingency plans and make recommendations as necessary (emergency evacuation, assembly/safe areas, mass casualty management and emergency communications), to develop appropriate response plans, including required human and technical resources for effective implementation.
  7. Conduct an initial security training needs assessment and regular needs assessments for new and emergent threats.

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