Most Common Home Security Threats

Ensuring home security needs a well-planned and proficient adoption of measures and strategy. Here are some of the most common home security threats to take into consideration when designing your security strategy:-

1  Lack of a home security system

Many people often rely on strongly built locks for their windows and doors, but it is necessary to use multiple crime deterrent systems that go beyond locks and keys, like a home security system with alarms and sensors.

 2.       Incorrectly calibrated equipment 

Some homeowners rush to acquire low-cost security packages that offer a bare minimum coverage without taking into consideration all possible entry and sensitive points. Such systems only secure a door and several windows, but not all likely entry points.

 3.       Installing incompatible security products

One of the biggest problems with assembled DIY security systems is that some products may not work together with complete effectiveness. This can be avoided by working with one security system provider, or seeking the approval of your security provider before installing any extra equipment.

 4.       Incorrectly calibrated equipment

Improper calibration can also occur with poorly maintained equipment that may even become redundant. To avoid the terrifying false alarm, many homeowners tend to calibrate their security systems too leniently. Sometimes people forget to replace dead batteries on their equipment that provide an opportunity for burglars to exploit.

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