Seaports Security Challenges

Seaports are faced with the challenge of providing a safe environment for port operators and the local community and at the same time should ensure the effective and efficient movement of products and goods related to international trade. It also refers to the security and law enforcement measures employed to safeguard a shipping port from terrorism and other unlawful activities and activists. From perimeter monitoring to protection and control of cargo moving through seaports, ensuring the safety of shipments, waterways and trade practices, requires coordination and cooperation among various agencies.
  • The real-time monitoring of waterways, seaport terminals, parking lots, equipment, visitors and goods.
  •  Creating a common operating picture allows rapid situational awareness, management and resolution in real time.
  •  Correlation of data from multiple devices and security systems to solve automatically or manually a situation.
  • Provide the port police, local police and other agencies the right information at the    right time.
  •  Coordinate response activities across multiple individuals, agencies and officials.

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